African Fashion Week - Houston

The Fall of Signature Essence (FOSE) is proud to announce the 2nd Annual African Fashion Week Houston to the City of Houston on

Friday, August 21st and Saturday, August 22nd, 2015!



Our world-class fashion showcase aims to present an engaging and eclectic pallet of talented designers who come from different

creative experiences that will be displayed through wearable collections. In addition, AFW-Houston will host a variety of social activities,

seminars, performances and on-site shopping sessions for our special guest and patrons. We are proud to acknowledge that

participants of this year’s African Fashion Week - Houston come from all around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, North

America and South America!



It is our hope that our patrons and participants will not only see a great fashion showcase. We hope that they will be stimulated and

inspired by the work and energy of everyone who has invested their creative perspective to the experience. We anticipate that the

attendance for this year’s event will be around 2,000+ patrons.


African Fashion Week Houston 2015 Program of Events



 Friday, August 21st: 

FOSE Meet & Greet Fashion Mixer

FOSE Fashion Trade Show

Theme - “African Hair and Make Up”



Saturday August 22nd:

The Official Fall of Signature Essence (FOSE) Fashion Show & Concert



The FOSE is now accepting official sponsorship request for African Fashion Week Houston 2015. With a customizable presentation of

available options (Newspaper, Television, Social Media, Logo Placement, etc.), prospective sponsors will find a great benefit in

partnering with us to bring awareness to their brand at African Fashion Week Houston 2015!



Proceeds for this year’s African Fashion Week Houston 2015 will help support the Women Empowerment Foundation

(, a recognized 501 3(C) Non-Profit Organization that devotes their time and energy to support and

“passionately advocate the needy, hungry and the politically underrepresented members of our global society.” The major platform of

the organization is focused on Empowerment of Women throughout the Greater Houston Area, applied through six of their major

projects and platforms (i.e. the D. Kelly Project for Gun Violence Prevention). For every ticket sold from AFW-Houston 2015, $1.00

will be donated to the Women Empowerment Foundation.



The Fall of Signature Essence (FOSE) is a fashion lifestyle brand with an emphasis on producing tangible and high-energy event

concepts (Fashion Shows, Seminars, Performances, Presentation, etc.) across the nation year-round. We are in the business of

promoting the fashion industry, while showcasing innovative and creative trends through diversified influences and life experiences.



The FOSE would like to thank you in advance for your support of the return of one of Houston’s growing signature seasonal events! Our

team has the upmost confidence that our work together will make a great impact both locally and globally!

For more information on African Fashion Week Houston 2015, please visit our official website (, or contact us

directly at (713) 576-6285 or


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